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17 Nov

Eco-trail “Struilitsa – Kaleto – Lakata”

The eco-trail starts from the Struilitsa area, famous for its therapeutic pools with hot mineral water, and winds along the picturesque meanders of the river. In some places, metal bridges have been built, which make it possible to walk along the river to its sources.

Habitats of the otter and the chamois are preserved along the river, and the Rhodope Silivryak, the Rhodope Forest Mother, the Woolly Bell, the Snowdrop and others grow on the surrounding rocks. There are recreation areas by the river.

From the main path, to the right, there is another shorter eco-path, which leads to the beautiful waterfall Samodivsko Praskalo. This trail was built by the tourist company “Orpheus – 1970.” town of Devin.

The waterfall is extremely beautiful and it is worth deviating from the main path – the journey to it takes about 30 minutes. The total length of the main eco-trail Struilitsa-Kaleto-Lakata is about 4 km. An untrained tourist travels it for an average of about 2-3 hours in both directions. The trail leads to the Lakata area, where a medieval settlement existed. Today the area is a vast meadow surrounded by beautiful peaks. 800 meters from the meadow, up and back on the mountain slope, are the remains of the famous Rhodope fortress Kavurskoto Kale (or simply Kaleto), which existed in the VI-XIII century. Due to lack of funds, the fortress has not been restored.

It has been declared a cultural monument of local significance, together with the medieval settlement in Lakata. Both sites are under the protection of the Law on Cultural Monuments and Museums.

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