Пампорово, 4870 Pamporovo

18 Nov

The Canyon of the Waterfalls Eco-trail

The Canyon of the Waterfalls eco-trail was established several years ago and is located near the town of Smolyan. It is about 6 km long. and passes through the reserve “Soskovcheto” and winds along the river Elena. About 50 waterfalls, water cascades and streams are counted. The eco-trail allows you to easily reach some of them.

The path winds through the forest like small wooden bridges crossing it to the left, then to the right of the Elena River. Centuries-old spruces surround it as it crawls past rock blocks called Locals by the locals. Some of them resemble an amphitheater, while others are in the shape of pyramids and towers.

In several places there are places for relaxation, where you can take a breath, eat, quench your thirst, or just admire the incredible peace and quiet, disturbed only by the song of birds and the roaring water around. You can easily take the time to eat at one of the specially built places. Along the entire path there are about 10 places for rest, with benches and dining tables, all wooden, fitting into the atmosphere.

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