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18 Nov

Uhlovitsa Cave

Uhlovitsa Cave is one of the most beautiful underground palaces in Bulgaria. Its name comes from “ululitsa”, which means nocturnal bird of prey. It is located in the Sinite Virove area, 3 km northeast of the village of Mogilitsa. In “Uhlovitsa” you will find a magnificent spectacle of helictites in the form of crystals and dendritic formations that look like sea corals. The cave ends with 7 beautiful lakes, which fill with water in early spring. And to the largest of them you will see how the stone jets descend on a brilliant waterfall.

Your adventure will begin with climbing 180 steps that wind up in the Rhodope forest. They will take you to the very entrance of the cave. It consists of two floors, which are connected by a metal ladder.

On the second floor is the Hall of Precipices, from which four deep pits descend to the lower level. Going through them on the winding stairs will increase your adrenaline to the max. The experience is worth it because it will reveal the most beautiful part of the cave. When you step on solid ground, you will not take your eyes off the incredible cascades of sinter ponds that are there.

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