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18 Nov

Yagodinska cave

The excavations of the cave began in 1963 by the speleological club Chepelare under the direction of Dimitar Raichev, and initially 8,500 meters were explored, and in 1982-1986 the cave was re-mapped and new galleries and sections were discovered, reaching 10,500 meters in length and its age. 275,000 years. 4 meters after the natural entrance of the cave (first level) was discovered Eneolithic dwelling – a local ceramic center, only in Europe preserved in its natural state. Finds of ceramic vessels, tools, charred wheat, ceramic kiln, chromels (hand mills) were found.The remains date from the Stone-Copper Age (4th millennium BC). This part of the cave can be explored for a period of 20 minutes, with a talk and a separate fee.

Jagodina Cave is one of the wonders of Bulgaria. It is part of the unique karst complex Buynovo Gorge and is only 3 km from the village of Yagodina in the Rhodope Mountains. Your breath will stop at the sight of the unique bizarre formations in the form of the Mother of God and the Infant, Santa Claus, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and even Pijo and Penda. They have been formed for millions of years and will now be revealed to you in all their splendor and grandeur.

Be ready to experience a beautiful winter fairy tale! No matter what season it is, in the cave the action takes place at 6ºС. From its doorstep, a 1250m long path will open in front of you, which winds between its spectacularly illuminated underground kingdom. With each step you will enter as if into another universe, in which you can touch with your hand countless amazing rock formations: cave pearls, “leopard skins”, corn stalactites and sinter lakes. so that luck is always with you.

At the very beginning of the cave you will visit the impressive New Year’s Hall. It has a decorated Christmas tree, around which the local cave club celebrates every New Year. Interestingly, it is also used as a ritual hall. More than 100 marriages took place here. Who knows, you too may pass under a wreath in this mysterious and magnetic place!

In the middle of the cave you will meet the Wall of Sin. Traditionally, coins are glued on it. This will allow you to check how righteous you are. If you manage to keep your coin upright – it means that your conscience is not burdened with sins.

A real adrenaline experience will be the rock climbing with special equipment to the second and third floor of the cave. Traces of ancient Eneolithic dwellings have been found here (14-13 thousand BC). You can see them about 300 meters from the artificial exit of the cave.

Countless emotions await you! You just have to grab them – with a trip to the Jagodina Cave!

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