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18 Nov

Devil’s Throat Cave”

“Devil’s Throat”, although it sounds a little scary, is one of the most interesting and unusual caves in Bulgaria. It is part of the majestic Trigrad Gorge, which is located in the Rila-Rhodope region, 1.5 km from the village of Trigrad and 17 km from Devin. The cave will offer you a magnificent view of the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans (42m). As well as immerse you in exploring its mysterious galleries, which are associated with the legend of Orpheus’ descent into the kingdom of Hades in search of his beloved Eurydice.

The loud name of the cave comes from the shape of its entrance, which resembles a devil’s head. As soon as you enter, you will feel that you are about to experience something spectacular. The impressive rock monastery resembles the size of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

Your path passes through an artificial gallery, 150 m long, which will take you to the huge Roaring Hall. Shortly before its entrance, on one wall you will see the image of a devil’s head carved into the rock. A few steps further and you will find yourself in front of the majestic underground waterfall that will take your breath away. In the hall you will also see a full-length figure of an ancient man carved into the rock.

Your journey continues with an exciting ascent of 301 safe steps up, past the unique natural spectacle. This is a real adrenaline experience that will take you to the surface. Shortly before the exit you will see a spring with a carved miniature altar with a figure of the Mother of God.

It is interesting and inexplicable how the waters of the underground waterfall are lost in a siphon-gallery 400 meters from the entrance of the cave, to re-emerge in another neighboring cave, called “Devil’s Deer”. Here cave clubs from all over Bulgaria organize expeditions by boat against the current of the underground river. Sounds extreme and fun, right?

Be sure to experience the “Devil’s Throat” adventure! This is something you have never seen before!

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