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18 Nov

Eco-trail “Devil’s Path” – Borino

The idea for the construction of the Devil’s Path was born from the natural potential of the left tributary of the Buynovska River, studied and studied for 8 years. The area presents a unique unity of highly attractive natural composition, a combination of rock formations, waterfalls, water cascades, erosion boilers, rock crowns and more.

It covers an area of ​​about 20 sq. Km with two starting points: Northern starting point (northern parking) 1 km east of the village of Borino and Southern starting point (southern parking) to the watershed of Chatak Dere with Buynovska River. The highest point of the route is 1356 m, and the lowest 945 m, with slopes of 20-40 degrees, and the slope of the rock crowns is over 70 degrees.

For the convenience of visitors: to build two parking lots at the starting points, information booths, several fountains in a non-standard architectural style, observation decks overlooking the rock crowns and the sheer rock of Ushite peak – 1502 meters, shelters with typical Rhodope architecture , numerous platforms and wooden bridges.

The most attractive part is planned – the passage under the natural rock Devil’s Bridge (Sheitan koprlu) and through the narrow gorge-shaped section to be done with consoles and wooden platforms, which will take place for the first time in our country.

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