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18 Nov

The Wonderful Bridges

The wonderful bridges are a rock phenomenon, in the form of huge marble arches that connect the two banks of the river Dalbok dol. They are also known as the Rock Bridges. They are located in the karst valley of the river Erkyupria in the Western Rhodopes at 1450 meters above sea level, at the foot of Golyam Persenk peak.

They were formed as a result of the erosion activity of the flooded river in the distant past. To date, there are two famous marble bridges. The large one is about 15 meters wide in the wider parts, almost 100 meters long and consists of three arches. The small bridge is 200 meters from the big one, downstream – it is impassable, 60 meters long, with a total height of 50 meters, and only on the arch – 30 meters.

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