Пампорово, 4870 Pamporovo

18 Nov

Panoramic site “Eagle’s Eye”

From Jagodina in the direction of Mount St. Elijah begins the road to the “Eagle’s Eye”.

The climb is exciting. You can climb either on foot or use the services of the locals, who offer to reach the top by jeep. The bigger obstacles you overcome, the stronger the adrenaline. And up there – the experience is indescribable. The site is mounted on the edge of the rocks on the peak “St. Elijah” at an altitude of 1563 meters. An unforgettable view of the beauties of the Rhodopes, Pirin and a small part of Rila, the mountains in Greece.

The reinforced concrete structure above the rocks can withstand three tons of load.

At 600 meters below the site winds the picturesque Buynovskozhdrelo. Standing on the site is an unforgettable ordeal. The advice of the locals is not to climb to the top in bad weather, because there are a lot of thunderstorms. That is why it is not by chance that the peak is named after the lord of thunder, St. Elijah.

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