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18 Nov

Smolyan lakes

The Smolyan lakes are located on the left slope of the valley of the Cherna River and to the north below the Orpheus Rocks and Snezhanka Peak (1926 m above sea level) in the Rhodopes. The lakes are scattered all over the valley, from the Orpheus rocks to Smolyan itself. In the past, the lakes were about 20 in number, but today there are 7 well-formed, and the others have become swamps. In spring and autumn, small ponds reappear in the place of some of these swamps. Others have been turned into fishponds. The first lake is at the end of Smolyan, to the left of the road to Pamporovo and Plovdiv – Keryanov’s goal (also known as Platenoto). At its lower end it is artificially dammed and thus one of the largest lakes is obtained.Just above it is another smaller lake – Milushev’s goal. Further along the road to Devin, below the Ezerovo district of Smolyan is the third lake – Silage. At its lower end there is a small island overgrown with reeds. There are convenient places for camping and fishing. A little further up the road, at the big bend, is the other lake – Osman’s goal. There are two or three smaller ponds around it, but in summer some dry up. Further up, on the way to the Smolyan Lakes hut and then to the right, is perhaps the largest lake in terms of area – Lagera.There are also convenient places for camping and fishing. The last three lakes are the most beautiful. They are located highest, under the rocks themselves. Shortly after the detour to the Smolyan Lakes hut, on the way to the lift is the Grassy Lake. About 30% of its area is occupied by a peat layer, 1 meter thick, on which lush grasses grow in summer. 6 meters from the Grassy Lake is the Clear Lake. The two lakes are connected by a river branch, which passes between the many piles of stones between the two lakes.

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